OT - need your verbal ingenuity

Elizabeth Evans er.evans at auckland.ac.nz
Wed Mar 9 23:01:04 EST 2005

I said:
>Langue d'oc" or "langue d'oil" then surely the
>country is Oc or Oil?
And Margaret kindly explained:

No, it means "language where 'oc' means yes" and "language where 'oil'
means yes". Hence the southern part of France was sometimes referred to
as the Languedoc, but I don't think the other construction caught on
(probably because medieval Parisians, just like their modern-day
counterparts, think their version of French is the Only True Version and
there's no need to define it further). I was trying to make something
out of the other construction but it doesn't sound good, you're right.

Thanks for that explanation - I love it! Isn't the genealogy of language
So by analogy, modern France is Languedoui? Heh heh.


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