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Margaret Ball margaret at onr.com
Wed Mar 9 21:07:13 EST 2005

>I found it annoying because as soon as you download the trial version (the
>one offered free, that is) it sets itself up as the default music playing
>application on your machine, and if you change that back to whatever you
>were using before, real player resets that back again without so much as a
>by your leave.


That is certainly annoying if you were using something before. It acts 
like a Microsoft product, then! I have the same problem with Internet 
Explorer butting in and trying to become my default browser. Every so 
often I have to whap it on the nose with a rolled up newspaper and send 
it to sit in the corner.

I hadn't noticed this trait of RealPlayer's because I am so 
computer-music illiterate. It happens that there's no music system in 
the room I now work in, although I have a nice little stereo in the 
study, and I've been missing background music while I write. Just a few 
days it occurred to me that possibly the laptop computer could play a 
music CD if I fed it one. So I shoved one in and RealPlayer jumped up 
and said, "Oh, let me play this for you!" and I thought that was very 
nice. I can see though that it would be maddening if you had a better 
music program that you liked to use.

Margaret Ball
margaret at onr.com

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