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>> ... she was living either in
>> Oxfordshire or in a cottage just south of Oxfordshire in Berkshire.

Rosie asked:

>Where in Berkshire, do you know? I might be able to identify some more
>local locations!

West Ilsley: really-truly *just* in Berkshire.  The cottage was/is
massively inconvenient in many respects but was still better than the Jesus
College tied house with the electric bath-taps and faucet light-fittings
and blotting-paper roof.  When they moved to Bristol they kept it on, and
it was a weekend place, and then occupied by one and another of her sons at
one time and another.

DWJ has fun identifying local locations in some of the Dick Francis books,
and saying "Oh, *I* know that hill!" about the place where the landrover
goes into the ditch on a freezing day (well, so do I, and frankly I can
well understand why anyone might lose the road in the snow...) and so
forth.  East Ilsley is just down the road, after all, and that and Lambourn
a bit further in the other direction are very horsy places and turn up
regularly in Dick Francis.

I think there may be a fair amount of that bit of England in TMC.  It's
fairly central, and the Berkshire Downs are a good sort of Heart Of The
Country place by their feel.


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