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Wed Mar 9 08:54:52 EST 2005

> > "Someplace to be Flying" - much liked, set in his favourite fantasy
> > city of Newford
> I found this unutterably tedious. Is it part of a series of which I
> should have read others first?

Not that I know of.  It was the first I read set in Newford, I think,
and I liked it straight away.
> > "The Little Country" - rather less popular, and may not be a good
> > place to start, even though it's the one that got me hooked.
> I love this book, in spite of the inappropriate Americanisms setting
> my teeth on edge. The actual story is good enough for me to cope with
> those.

I didn't spot those.  I think I must have developed an ability to tune
out Americanisms when reading US and Canadian writers.  There are one or
two howlers about travelling in Britain, though (what on earth was he
doing on Victoria station?), but as you say it's such a good book that
it doesn't matter.  And the musical appendix adds quite a bit for me...

(And yet there are those who dislike it as much as I dislike Memory and


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