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Dorian E. Gray israfel at
Tue Mar 8 14:00:20 EST 2005

Kylie wondered...

> Charles de Lint is the guest of honour at the local SF convention coming 
> up over Easter, and I haven't actually read anything by him.

> As I have limited time, I need recommendations!!  What do you clever and 
> tasteful people think would be the best book to read if you can only read 
> one Charles de Lint before meeting him??

My favourites are "Trader" and "Memory and Dream".  Which of them to go for? 
Do you prefer visual or musical arts?  The lead characters in "Trader" are a 
musician and an instrument maker; the lead characters in "Memory and Dream" 
are mostly painters.

Or maybe you should go for his most recent one (I think it's "The Onion 
Girl"; haven't read it myself yet), just because it *is* the most recent.

Then again, some years back Brian Stableford was GoH at a local con, and 
only having read one of his and it being about 20 years old at that point, I 
thought I should read one of his more recent ones before meeting him.  I 
hated it.  I thought it was truly terrible.  And, as it happened, I never 
ended up talking to him anyway.  Plus, my experience of talking to authors 
at cons is that you usually end up talking about anything but their 
books...I've talked cats with Katherine Kurtz, whiskey with Peter Morwood, 
ice-cream with Diane Duane, vampires with Kim Newman, the State of the 
Industry with Paul McAuley, jobs with Rob Holdstock, show-jumping with 
Morgan Llewellyn...

So I wouldn't necessarily say you *have* to read something by Mr. de Lint 
before meeting him (I haven't, or hadn't at the time, read anything by some 
of the above).  And if you do, and find you don't like it, don't worry about 
it.  You'll probably end up talking about trains or coffee or deep-sea 
diving or something, anyway.


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