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I'd suggest one of his short story collections: DREAMS UNDERFOOT, or IVORY AND THE HORN.  They're excellent collections,
and many of his signature characters were introduced and/or fleshed out in them, and his famous Newford setting is
really explored.  There's a real sense of innocence and magic that sometimes gets lost in the later books, where it seems
like everyone's seen a fairy. :>

JACK OF KINROWAN was a splendid omnibus reprinting of two of his earlier books, JACK THE GIANT-KILLER and DRINK DOWN 
THE MOON, which are urban fantasies set in Ottawa. The first was a retold fairy tale, and the second was a sequel starring one
of the secondary characters.

BLUE GIRL is also very good, since it goes back to basics in a lot of ways.

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  As I have limited time, I need recommendations!!  What do you clever and tasteful people think would be the best book to read if you can only read one Charles de Lint before meeting him??



  I just read his newer one THE BLUE GIRL.  It was a lot of fun to read!


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