Conrad's in Sheffield

Chris Dollin eh at
Mon Mar 7 11:54:20 EST 2005

On Sunday 06 Mar 2005 4:09 pm, Ven wrote:
> Verity wrote
> <Ven on _Conrad's Fate_:
> > til March was it? I've read 125 pages already,
> It doesn't take off for me until p134>
> Page 134! That's a good one for sure, but I was
> certainly happily intrigued from the first page.
> If I keep teasing will it make all of you get it
> and read it like right now? Chris, that's you
> Chris the Hedgehog "It's now on my Read Soon
> shelves ...", for shame, get it down off those
> shelves and read it right away!


I'm too knackered; if I read it in this state I won't
appreciate it. 

This coming Saturday - when, Fate willing, I will have had a
full & complete night's sleep, and few obligations on the day -
this coming Saturday, I say.

Chris the Hedgehog

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