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Mon Mar 7 06:08:53 EST 2005

Paul wrote:

>My random DWJ discovery of the day is: Oxfordshire.
>That is, I've suddenly realised that several of her books are set
>there. I noticed last time I re-read 'Power of Three' that there's a
>signpost on the Moor pointing to Oxford, and today I noticed that the
>town where Cat and Gwendolen grew up is near Oxford too. (Chrestomanci
>Castle, on the other hand, appears to be in Gloucestershire.)

I think Po3 is set in/on Otmoor, which is not far from Oxford, after all.

>Is it just that DWJ spent a lot of time in the region as a student, or
>does the area have some deeper significance that I'm not aware of?

Not just being a student there, because I think the most of the first
twenty or so years of her marriage were spent in Oxford as well, that being
where her husband worked as a fellow of I think it was Jesus College before
he got the Professorship at Bristol in 1976.  They were in London for a
couple of years during the time between 1957 and 1976, and in America for a
year in the eighties, but apart from that, she was living either in
Oxfordshire or in a cottage just south of Oxfordshire in Berkshire.  So
that might explain it.


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