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Verity Cinnabar cen at
Fri Mar 4 10:05:07 EST 2005

Ven on _Conrad's Fate_:
> I don't much care for the shape and size of the
> hardback. It's a squatty thing, just a bit bigger
> than a paperback in width and height. The cover
> doesn't enthuse me too much either -- apparently
> it's one of a uniform new edition of Chretomanci
> books. Well, lets hope the marketing people have
> got it right and they do sell lots of copies. I
> do like the little chapter illustrations.

The chapter illos don't contain any obvious mistakes (yay).
There is very slight deviation in the cuff detail (when C
and C are first playing dress-up), but that's it, I think.

Now if this book were printed on creamy paper with 6 or 8
point font crammed into it, I'd be happier. And yes, the
gaudy uniform orangey Chrestomanci covers are ugly in my
eyes. For aesthetic reasons, having them covered by large
"Hotter than Potter" stickers was a plus (none have yet
appeared on CF). 

I had to pick up about eight copies before I found one where
the final few pages weren't pinched in by the glued binding.
The coarse paper loses print in several places, leading to
missing or faded bits of occasional letters (my own copy
got retouched during reading will a very fine black pen).


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