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> Sounds like time for some self pimpage. I did a fairly longinsh comparison of 
> these two -- as well as Lackey's Fire Rose and a few othr variants a few 
> years ago and it's posted over on my website. 
> You can find it at 
> (at least i'm pretty sure you can.)

Ok, while I really, really understand the frustration with Lackey, I 
have to admit that Lackey is merely following in the footsteps of a 
trend which reached its high point in a publisher-designed series in the 
late 80s and early 90s, Tor's Fairy Tale Series.

Basically, all the books in that series were written by authors that 
those who enjoy Lackey as fantasy potato chips go to for good solid 
reading. So, I wasn't surprised that when Lackey seemed to be getting 
more serious and trying to get away from feeding mind-candy to the 
horse-and-elf kiddies, she tried her hand at fairy tales.

I personal buy McKinley's desire to write a more 'grown-up' version of 
the Beauty story, if only because in the interim she had married Peter 
Dickinson, and thus might have a slightly different take on romance than 
she had when she wrote Beauty. I'm willing to buy the idea that she 
always had a nagging feeling of dissatisfaction with the Beauty 
retelling, and her acquaintance with real, live roses, and real live 
gardens, and so forth, and getting rid of the cottage, not to mention 
the increasing McKillipization of her writing style, led her to write 
Rose Daughter. ESPECIALLY after Disney's Beauty and the Beast came out 
and had such 'interesting' echoes of McKinley's telling in _Beauty_.

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