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|I read somewhere that the shack DWJ and her sisters lived in at the youth conference center residence was 100 yards from the main house where the parents stayed.  Could that be accurate?  It seems incredibly far away!

Bad enough even if the distance isn't right.  From _Something About the

For a short while the three of us children shared a room at the top of
the house; but my parents were so dedicated to making a success of the
centre that they decided that room was needed for additional guests. We
were put out into The Cottage. This was a leanto, two-room shack across
the yard from the main house. The mud floor of the lower room was
hastily covered with concrete and our beds were crammed into the upper
floor. And we were left to our own devices. Looking back on this, we all
find it extraordinary; for damp climbed the walls and, almost as soon as
we had arrived in Thaxted, I had contracted juvenile rheumatism, which
seriously affected my heart; and Ursula also contracted it soon after.

It goes downhill from there.

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