Subject: RE: Sunshine, McKinley, Spindle's End --- SPOILERS for Sunshine

Ven vendersleighc at
Wed Mar 2 20:05:02 EST 2005

Anita wrote
<Someone else commented that they found the
somewhat false, and I
agree. I do know about workplaces and workmates 
who all become linked and
close, but I thought the whole bakery biz was 
just a bit too sweet............snippage 
Rereading the quote I 
started with, I think the bakery
story was just *too* small town america 
contrasted with the darkness

Hmmmm...even on the first reading I found the 
times when she drops from the
current story into yarns about how it all started

(Charlie, Mom, brothers
and the rest) a bit tough going - it was another 
sort of small town talk
that didn't seem quite genuine. >

That was me who found the bakery false. I used to
work in a caf too....... One of the things about
it that irked me was the way that everyone
treated Sunshine herself. Now I realise that as a
first person narrator she doesn't have to be
reliable, may indeed be self centred and that
naturally things do seem to revolve around the
person telling the story but, duh, I would have
expected folk around her to put up with her just
a bit less and follow their own agendas just a
bit more. They seem to be very accommodating to
her need to belong, yet keep her distance. Maybe,
though, I shouldn't be irked as I suspect there's
a plot point at work here.

As well as the things and people others have
mentioned I'd like to know more about the magic
using families in general, especially Sunshine's
grandmother. Here's hoping the Story Council
choose to reveal it at some point.


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