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> I do mean the very end, when Sunshine has to choose between going back 
> to
> her life or going with Con- at least that's how I read it. And I 
> couldn't
> decide whether when she leaves with Con it's only until dawn, or is it 
> for
> good.  It says that her decision 'was already made' or words to that 
> effect,
> but for me this was quite ambiguous.
> She knows that her 'normal' (former) life will never be the same 
> again. For
> starters, she has the spooks onto her- in fact, they have been 
> watching her
> for years. And there is a few pages of her looking back at what she 
> had and
> how it will be different (blast, I already lent the book to someone, so
> can't check precisely). Anyway, she then dresses completely out of 
> character
> (it says earlier in the book she didn't wear black, it was IIRC blues 
> and
> purples at the time)- does this symbolize her crossing over to Con's 
> side,
> or is it a sort of disguise she'll shed later (like wearing a suit to 
> work).
> But he says he can wait for food until she's gone- but does he know 
> that she
> means to stay with him (or does she?).
> See? one confused Ania.

I didn't read it that way at all.  She's been "going with Con" for some 
and I think she's finally realizing that they have a place together in 
war against the evil vampires.  Con offers to show her a little more 
what he does at night -- we already know he doesn't do people [or
rarely] and he says he's not going to hunt.  She _has_ wondered about
what he does with his nights.

She dresses in the closest thing she has to dark  clothes because she's
going out at night.  We've been told several times that sunshine is her
element, so I don't think we ever have to worry that she'll give that 

She's just going out for the night.  That's all.  Like visiting a 


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