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minnow at belfry.org.uk minnow at belfry.org.uk
Wed Mar 2 18:16:19 EST 2005

>> Hasn't the idea of small spirits of the earth,
>> air, fire and water been around since before
>> 1994 anyhow?  I think they're called "elementals"
>> -- I used them myself back in 1988 when I was
>> writing a comic -- and I don't think Tanya Huff's
>> work need be seen as DWJ's source material for
>> those either, any more than mine was. Like trolls
>> or elves, they're probably rather older than the
>> written word as an idea.
>> Minnow
>My nosiness must be satisfied (please)! Which comic were you writing?


No, you probably haven't heard of it.  :-)  there's no particular reason
why you should have.  But it had fire elementals running a bureaucracy
based on Bristol City Coucil Housing Department in two issues, and water
elementals as a crucial part of one issue (one of the more powerful ones
was called Tsunami, which doesn't really seem such a good idea now), and I
think Neil Gaiman added ice elementals in the pages he wrote for one issue,
and those were all in 1987/8/9.  DWJ wrote an introductory piece for one
issue, which I've quoted here before.

I was publishing Bryan Talbot's *The Adventures of Luther Arkwright* at the
same time, and on the whole that was a rather more important comic, I
reckon. *Redfox* was simply for fun, takin' the mick out of the whole
"barbarienne fighters in unrealistic boots with swords far too big for
them" comics genre, and having won its Eagle quietly went away again after
three years.  Luther may still be being discussed in twenty years' time,
with a bit of luck.


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