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> Thanks Judith (I'm trying to get the thing to work even as I write). On a
> point of history, though, 702 ABC Sydney is wrong to say that the Goodies was
> only screened late at night in the UK - it was on around 7 in the evening,
> IIRC. I well remember cycling back fast from my friend's house so as not to
> miss it!
> Charlie

They talked about that, Charlie. The Goodies themselves were commenting on
how it wasn't intended to be an early evening (ie kids') show, and that it
was on at ten o'clock originally and then got moved around and finally
settled at about 9pm, which GG said was "about right" because kids could be
allowed to stay up for it but it was late enough for the adult humour... It
screened about 6 pm here and I have only just discovered that the ABC cut
stuff out, which is partly what they will be showing on the live stage show.
Also, apparently the BBC didn't rescreen it, were it was on in almost
permanent loop reruns here for years and years (a bit like A Walk in the
Black Forest on Radio Goodies!) and the DVD of 8 episodes has sold 50,000
copies. Australians love The Goodies!

And I am about to slit my throat because after selling out four performances
they have added another, and I logged on to buy tickets... and I will be
flying home from a conference and can't go. Waaah!


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