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On Wed, 2 Mar 2005, Anna Zofia Skarzynska wrote:
|Talking of hideous covers, the one on my recently acquired from
|copy of The Blue Castle is truly hideous. Very offputting indeed.
|Mind you, at least the romance covers are a bit better drawn than some
|scifi/fantasy ones. Can anything compare with the sheer awfulness of the
|early covers of Jordan's The Wheel of Time (it turns... and turns... and
|turns... very... slowly... indeed... ) Gah! (to covers and series both!)

Ah, the foreshortened arms and too-big heads of Darrell K. Sweet, who
has tortured the covers of Jordan, Donaldson, Piers Anthony, Terry
Brooks, Stasheff, and I think a few other people who didn't actually
deserve the pain.

I'm sorry, was that my outside voice?

Never postpone committing violence you are inclined to commit at
once. Later on, you might not be as pissed off.
-- The Sith Handbook

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