Sources (was Re: Subject: Various things to do with books (strangely enough))

Anna Zofia Skarzynska ania at
Wed Mar 2 15:34:39 EST 2005

> Hasn't the idea of small spirits of the earth,
> air, fire and water been around since before
> 1994 anyhow?  I think they're called "elementals"
> -- I used them myself back in 1988 when I was
> writing a comic -- and I don't think Tanya Huff's
> work need be seen as DWJ's source material for
> those either, any more than mine was. Like trolls
> or elves, they're probably rather older than the
> written word as an idea.
> Minnow

My nosiness must be satisfied (please)! Which comic were you writing?


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