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Anita Graham, in response to my gushing:
> I enjoyed it too, and have read it two and a half times since Christmas,
> when I got it. (I've had it on order from Bookcaffe for about 16 months,
> then I spotted it in the window of Supernova and just had to pick it up.)
> I found the (slight) erotica an intrusion - to me it was "tacky" in that
> seemed "tacked on" and not very important to the story.

I actually found the bit when he cures her cut more erotic than the
almost-coitus interruptus later, even though it isn't clear whether they
actually have sex on the former occasion (though there are plenty of bodily
fluids!). The second time I could SO identify with Sunshine's frustrated
desire! Maybe I'd better stop. Erm.

 I enjoyed the book
> more second time around, and I can see the possibility of sequels which
> might deal with Mel (yes, I do want to know more about him and who he is
> now), Con (of course) and Rae's links with him and the Other, also perhaps
> shedding some light on SheWhoMustBeObeyed (or whatever they called her).
> Rae's father. Who managed to give her a name to match his (Raven, ..darn,
> what was his name? I know it was dark or black, but not Ebony...)

Yup, Mel is a mystery, as is Sunshine's family; the Goddess of Pain is also
very intriguing.

> I liked the ending in that I *thought* it was fairly clear, and there was
> event and a win, and it did leave threads hanging like anything ready for
> stories about oak leaves and motor bikes and the other passing and in the
> sun. But when AZS (is that Ania?) says "Which way did Sunshine jump" I
> I'll have to find the book and reread the ending to see what she's
> to.

AZS is indeed Ania- now amended!
I do mean the very end, when Sunshine has to choose between going back to
her life or going with Con- at least that's how I read it. And I couldn't
decide whether when she leaves with Con it's only until dawn, or is it for
good.  It says that her decision 'was already made' or words to that effect,
but for me this was quite ambiguous.
She knows that her 'normal' (former) life will never be the same again. For
starters, she has the spooks onto her- in fact, they have been watching her
for years. And there is a few pages of her looking back at what she had and
how it will be different (blast, I already lent the book to someone, so
can't check precisely). Anyway, she then dresses completely out of character
(it says earlier in the book she didn't wear black, it was IIRC blues and
purples at the time)- does this symbolize her crossing over to Con's side,
or is it a sort of disguise she'll shed later (like wearing a suit to work).
But he says he can wait for food until she's gone- but does he know that she
means to stay with him (or does she?).
See? one confused Ania.

> Someone else commented that they found the Bakery somewhat false, and I
> agree. I do know about workplaces and workmates who all become linked and
> close, but I thought the whole bakery biz was just a bit too sweet! (snip)

All I know that every one of my friends who ever worked in catering couldn't
wait to get away from it, so I think I agree too, but it didn't actually
bother me- perhaps because it's set in a foreign country. If it was set in a
British transport caff, I'd find it much harder to believe it was all so


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