hardcover vs paperback

Belben, Philip (Energy Wholesale) Philip.Belben at eon-uk.com
Tue Mar 1 06:49:50 EST 2005

>> I think the hardcover vs paperback argument has caused publishers to
>> miss the point.
> I suppose you mean they haven't given a thought to the idea that if
> books are going to go out of print in a matter of weeks, their
> customers might quite like to have each copy they bought remain in one
> piece for as many as two or three readings, since they won't be able
> to replace it.

Well, yes, that's another way of looking at it.

I was thinking more along the lines that if I pay more money for a
hardback book, it is mainly for increased durability.  Better covers
help, and better paper too, but not if they are let down by a binding
that is no better than a paperback, but which is required to support
more weight.  Which I suppose comes to much the same thing in the end.

>> Who's going to join me in a campaign to ban glue-bound hardbacks?
> Is that "perfect" binding, aka "random-number generating device"?  I'm
> busy resenting having to pay in excess of thirty quid for "perfect
> bound" print-on-demand academic paperback texts that fall apart.  What
> I wonder is what justification there ever was for calling this ratty
> process "perfect" *anything*, and I don't want any excuses about
> paper-sizes, I think it was just a con from day one.

Well, having to work with such books is a perfect bind ;-)

Philip (who got Conrad on Saturday and finished it for the second time
last night.  Yay!  Even though it's a glue-bound hardback.)

PS OTOH I had a paperback with a stitched binding, which had fallen to
bits.  I took it to a bookbinder to rebind. He made no attempt to put
the pages into a sensible order (to do him justice, they are not
numbered, so it would have been quite a task) but put it into a hard
cover as if it had been a paperback in good condition: punch two holes
right through the book near the spine and poke thread through them.

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