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Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at
Thu Jun 30 18:38:15 EDT 2005

Before I hyper-ventilate away entirely - _King of Attolia_, due out 
in Feb. 2006.  Oh my!  (No author needed with that title, presumably, 
but it's Megan Whalen Turner, just in case.)

For a really late addition to a long-ago discussion about books set 
in schools of magic, Patricia McKillip's latest, _Od Magic_, is 
another.  I'm not far into it, but I like what I've read so far. 
_Alphabet of Thorn_ was my favourite of hers since _Song for the 
Basilisk_, so hoping this will be equally good.

Just to toss out a couple of brief responses to other recent reads, I 
thought _The Scarab_ was a very satisfying conclusion to the trilogy 
(and it IS a conclusion, thank goodness), if not quite as good as 
_The Oracle_ and _The Archon_.  She does a wonderful Underworld in 
it, which is sustained for quite a chunk of the book.  I also found 
Joan Aiken's _The Witch of Clatteringshaws_ a satisfying ending to 
the series, and a great read, if nowhere near the best of them. 
Don't know if anyone else felt quite the same degree of hesitation 
about reading it I did, and is hesitating still, but no need, IMO. 
Worth reading just for the witch's day job, and the hilariously 
unsuccessful, unheroic, unrousing, 'Once more unto the breech' battle 

Waiting anxiously for July, which will bring among other things, the 
new Jasper Fforde, and a new Sherwood Smith, though I'll be holding 
off on the latter for a bit.  Anyone else waiting, or managed to get 
hold of either?


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