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Sun Jun 26 20:45:20 EDT 2005

Hi everyone.

I've now seen the film of Howl's Moving Castle, and I've blogged about it

Someone sent me this link to an interview with Miyazaki; he addresses
(briefly) why the war theme added to the film:

I'm still having trouble reconciling that aspect of the film with the novel!

I re-read Howl immediately after seeing the film‹I last read it twelve
months ago and I needed to freshen up on the detail as I found myself trying
to cram the film and the book together in my head as I was watching it in a
most unsatisfactory way! But I did enjoy the film, all the same.

While I am here, I wonder if anyone has any theories on why the Witch of the
Waste chose the Donne poem as Howl's curse--or did Miss Angorian choose it,
given her connection to "our" world. Any thoughts? Did I miss something?



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