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I did a little research in my local grocery store, a Safeway.  I live  
in a
small city [pop. c. 15,000] in southwest Colorado, which is rather out
of the way.  I should also mention that there are two City Markets
in town [part of the largest grocery chain* in the USofA, although not
all are called City Market -- even in CO there's another bunch called
King Soopers] and a Mall-Wart.

With all these caveats, the only thing _called_ muesli I found was
Alpen in two varieties, sweetened [original] and unsweetened [still
sweet, with dried fruit].  Alpen is what I remember munching thirty
years ago.  They were in the health food section.

On another paw, the number of things with 'granola' in the name
must remain uncounted, as being far more work than I think this
research is worth.  But there are granolas -- both in the regular
breakfast food section and in the health food section, and granola
bars, and I think yogurt with granola in the dairy case, and who
knows what all else.

*The Kroger Company.


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