Ballet Shoes (was RE: DWJ sans frontiers)

Otter Perry ottertee at
Tue Jun 14 14:07:35 EDT 2005

On Tuesday, June 14, 2005, at 09:53 AM, deborah wrote:

> Huh! I'm not all down one column...  *goes and checks*   Well what do
> you know?  My copies of the Gemma books and The House in Cornwall are 
> in
> fact UK editions, which explains why I don't have a full set of
> recognizeable titles to people on either side of the pond.  In fact, my
> copy of House in Cornwall cost 2'6, which makes me wonder if it was my
> mother's originally, and I scragged it out of a pile of her old Biggles
> books.

I think most of mine are UK or Canada, although I am now and always
have been a resident of the USofA.


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