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On Monday, June 13, 2005, at 06:16 PM, Judith Ridge wrote:

> I have to jump in here although it's ridiculously off topic. I have 
> never in
> my life had a filling and I haven't been to the dentist since 1981. I 
> did
> have braces when I was 13, and four teeth extracted to make room for 
> the
> "spread" but I don't recall the experience at all. Rats, if the gas was
> good... ;-)

You lucky dog!

In the USofA, perfect teeth tend to be more common in the children
of baby boomers, who profited from flouridated water.

My previous dentist, for instance, had lots of fillings, but his two
sons had perfect teeth.

I said once to him that dentists would go out of business, but
he had perfect faith in gingivitis.


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themes, love and death (as well as its
exciting cariacatures, sex and violence) ...

                                       - Thomas Cahill

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