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I was phobic about needles. So I refused to have novacane for fillings. In 
fact I had a tooth that needed filling for an extra year before I found a 
dentist who would fill it without novacane (the pediactric dentist I went to as a 
child wouldn't).

Fortunately, after that first one, most of my fillings were very minor ones 
so that worked all right.

I needed extractions though when the baby teeth refuese to leave but the 
adult ones were coming in. I had the novacane for that. There was no other option. 
Same with the root canal and the time a tooth broke off and needed a post 

When all four wisdom teeth turned out to be impacted I had them out under a 

I'm no longer phobic about needles, but most of the dental work I get these 
days is just replaceing fillings that fall out and that hardly needs 
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