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Mon Jun 13 11:59:07 EDT 2005

Strikes me that there's quite a literature of people who are nominally servants but actually in charge (and that there's a fairly neat ObDWJ here linking back to *Conrad's Fate*) - a large enough literature to have a few sub-categories of its own - and I do like subcategories! Here's a few at random, to add to Nana and the Streatfeild examples:

The Admirable Crichton (to compare with Nana?)
Man Friday
Sancho Panza
Old Mus' Hobden. 
Mrs Bird in the Paddington stories
Lear's Fool
Uncle Tom (another ObDWJ!)
the witty slaves of classical new comedy and its Elizabethan/17-century descendants

Of all these I think we might usefully ask, for starters: 'How feudal are *you*?'



Whatever you Wanadoo:

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