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On Sun, 12 Jun 2005 minnow at wrote:
|It's clear that "servant" or not, Nana is the matriarch, and
|it is her decision on matters that is the final word, really.

I like the ambiguity of language you point out -- that's nice.  Though
the servant ruling the household is nothing Streatfield doesn't use
consistently. Hannah in Dancing Shoes before grandfather dies,
Peaseblossom from Movie Shoes, Annie from Tennis Shoes. (Sorry, I only
know the "Shoes" titles, not the original titles.)

Minnow, you also remind me of the parallel with Peter Pan's Nana.  Nana
is so smart and loyal for a dog, and Streatfield books have wenough of
an underlying wicked sense of humor, that I can't help seeing that
connection as well.

-Petrova.  er, Deborah
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