Ballet Shoes (was RE: DWJ sans frontiers)

Gili Bar-Hillel gbhillel at
Sat Jun 11 15:35:37 EDT 2005

Minnow wrote:

> Hey, anyone else who read *Ballet Shoes* as a child: that question at the
> end of the book -- was there any doubt in your mind which of the three
> Fossil girls you'd have chosen to be?  :-)

I happen to be translating this book into Hebrew right now, having finished
"Howl's Moving Castle" and not yet able to start "Harry Potter and the
Half-blood Prince" (Yes, I love my job). So I've reread it quite recently
and am currently rereading it again and again with much attention to
details. Of the three sisters, Petrova is the most interesting and the one
from whose perspective the story is most likely to be told. Also, the book
is very heavy on calculating shillings and pennies and doing sums with
money. It's more than just that stretching money is a theme in the book: the
exact sums take up quite a lot of space. I'm going to have to add footnotes
explaining the old monetary system in Britain. Poor as they may have been,
they always had Nana and Cook and Clara and who not. The bare essentials
included servants.

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