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> Early 1960s in southern England I remember anaesthetic for serious
> dentistry being introduced, but not on the NHS.  My mother tried to 
> avoid
> having it if she could, because she preferred pain-at-the-time to the
> feeling when it stopped being numb and reckoned it wasn't worth the 
> cost in
> her case, but she paid for me to have it because my teeth were so bad 
> and I
> was so unhappy about going to the dentist.

I had a filling done in Sheffield in 1965 -- private pay -- and the 
gave me aenesthetic, not that I would have let him near me if he hadn't.
When he started working, I informed him that it _hadn't worked_ and he
gave me another shot, which did work.

My mother scorned local aenesthetics for dentistry.  Oooof.

I distrust those people who know so well what God
wants them to do because I notice it always coincides
with their own desires.

                                          - Susan B. Anthony

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