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Fri Jun 10 18:15:08 EDT 2005

>minnow at belfry.org.uk wrote:
>> and I was staggered by the enormous wealth I suddenly possessed. I
>> remember that I bought a really good penknife for 4/6d and then spent
>> about a month wondering what to get with the rest: it was too much to
>> spend on sweets, and I didn't have any really important yearnings for
>> anything but a good penknife. (I've still got it.)

and Robyn asked:

>So does that mean (going back to the original question in an odd kind of
>way) that you identify with Nicola Marlowe in Autumn Term? I was always
>puzzled by the pen-knife yearnings, but then I used to spend my pocket
>money on clay and fimo, and the like.

The reason that I wanted a *good* penknife was that I spent my pocket money
on what were called "makings" things, as a rule: felt and glitterwax and
glue and shiny shapes and such.  It would have been six weeks' worth of
saving up, and there were always other things that I needed.

I wanted a good penknife because one needs a good knife to make arrows with.

I didn't identify with Nicola Marlow because I had not yet discovered
Antonia Forest.  I did identify with Rissa in the Monica Edwards books, if
that's any help, and I bet *she* had a good penknife (though I don't think
it is ever mentioned in the texts).  OTOH, I was generally too busy being
Simon Templar, Robin Hood or Mowgli, depending on my mood, to identify with
any female character.


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