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>Minnow said...
>> Well, there *was* anaesthetic, though it tasted absolutely vile and wore
>> off very fast and the needle used to insert it was huge and painful.  I
>> reckoned I had been deserving, but the reward was unexpected.  Usually it
>> was 6d per tooth, and at that I was a lot better off than Pete in *The Big
>> Six* who got thruppence a tooth.

Dorian marvelled:

>You got anaesthetic?  Wow!  Mother tells horror stories about fillings and
>extractions involving an upright chair and no anaesthetic and having to be
>sat upon.  (This would be probably mid-1950s, in Northern Ireland.)

Early 1960s in southern England I remember anaesthetic for serious
dentistry being introduced, but not on the NHS.  My mother tried to avoid
having it if she could, because she preferred pain-at-the-time to the
feeling when it stopped being numb and reckoned it wasn't worth the cost in
her case, but she paid for me to have it because my teeth were so bad and I
was so unhappy about going to the dentist.

>> Still got that, too, in spite of everyone's best endeavours to lose it in
>> the lawn according to Pratchett's Theory of Lawn Composition.
>Poo.  All of our Lego got given to our younger cousins.

I mostly didn't have those, or at least the ones I did have were in Mexico
and Australia and Greece and Cyprus so it didn't get shipped to them.  It
stayed in my parents' house for all my mother's unofficial local
godchildren to play with, until I had children of my own and wanted it

>Oh, I was never short of books.  Books for Xmas, books for birthdays, books
>bought randomly because Books Are Good, books from the library, books from
>the school library, books from my parents' shelves...but I have always been
>firmly convinced that there is No Such Thing As Too Many Books.  So a sudden
>windfall would probably have been spent on yet more books.  Or perhaps, if
>it had been a year or two later (i.e. when I was 11 or so), I might have
>gone for boot-skates, which all my friends had and which I desperately
>wanted instead of the strap-over-the-shoes variety I had.

I remember strap-on skates, and strap-on roller-skates.  The roller-skates
were not satisfactory until they stopped using metal ball-bearings and went
over to tough plastic: they used to grind rather, and catch, and in extreme
cases *clank*.  And early skateboards with metal bearings were hopeless:
they used to stop suddenly so that one fell off.

The only reason that money didn't go into saving-for-a-bicycle was that I
had got one for my seventh birthday and it was still big enough, just.
Things like that were for grandparental presents, as being too big to
expect to save up for.


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