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On Fri, 10 Jun 2005, Dorian E. Gray wrote:
|Minnow said...
|> Well, there *was* anaesthetic, though it tasted absolutely vile and wore
|> off very fast and the needle used to insert it was huge and painful.  I
|> reckoned I had been deserving, but the reward was unexpected.  Usually it
|> was 6d per tooth, and at that I was a lot better off than Pete in *The Big
|> Six* who got thruppence a tooth.
|You got anaesthetic?  Wow!  Mother tells horror stories about fillings and
|extractions involving an upright chair and no anaesthetic and having to be
|sat upon.  (This would be probably mid-1950s, in Northern Ireland.)

I was an adult before I knew one could ask for anesthetic for a tooth
drilling, and by that time, I'd had about 12.  I also had an
orthodontist who shaved down my canines without anesthetic and without
asking.  Honestly, I had doctors as a child who'd have gotten along
great with the Time of the Ghost parents.

Keep in mind I'm a 31-year-old middle class American, so we're not
talking about the distant reaches of history or anything.

"The doctors guaranteed the treatment would fry the fairy clean
out of him. But all it did was make him bonkers every time he
heard electric guitar."         -- Velvet Goldmine

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