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Fri Jun 10 11:35:53 EDT 2005

> I've never actually had 'proper' muesli though - isn't that supposed 
> to be made ahead and the oats soaked?  And with chopped fresh apples, 
> rather than dried fruit?  I answer myself: 
> http://travel.independent.co.uk/europe/western/story.jsp?story=614699 
> (bottom of the page, in the unlikely case of anyone caring to check).

Bircher Müsli, named, as was already said, after the Doctor who "invented"
it. Tastes really delicious (at least the modernized versions I had, I'm too
lazy to prepare it myself)! The apples are very thinly er. rhasped? diced?
(not diced, but I'm lacking vocabulary...) And, as it is soaked, it's softer
and you don't have to chew that much. And in the modern versions I know
other fresh fruit (red berries) is added, and nuts. Mmmh.


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