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Fri Jun 10 10:53:59 EDT 2005

On Fri, 10 Jun 2005, deborah wrote:

> I think my basis for appropriate prices for things has been forever
> thrown off by that scene in _All of a Kind Family_ when two of the girls
> (Gertie and somebody, maybe?)  go candy shopping with a penny and buy
> half of penny's worth of this and a quarter penny's worth of that, and
> managed to go home with a big bag of crackers that they eat all night.

Gertie and Charlotte, I'm pretty sure, the two youngest. I remember the
chocolate babies they got. :^) I need to reread those books, especially
now that I have more historical context to put them in.

There was no f---ing way. They were very excited about
James. They have a shiny blond thing to show people, and
they're gonna do it.
		--Joss Whedon, on the WB announcing (early) that
		James Marsters is joining the cast of _Angel_

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