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>You can buy 'toasted muesli' here. I wonder if that's the same as 
>granola? Toasted muesli is also sweetened, I think. I don't recall 
>anything on the supermarket shelves called granola, so maybe toasted 
>muesli is our version.

Interesting.  I don't think sweetened or unsweetened actually makes 
the distinction: AFAIK the brand of muesli you'd find most on 
supermarket shelves here is Alpen, and the 'normal' version of that 
(i.e. not the 'no sugar added' version) is wildly sweet - especially 
as you get down to the bottom of the pack, where all the sugar and 
powdered milk has settled.  Yeurg.

I've never actually had 'proper' muesli though - isn't that supposed 
to be made ahead and the oats soaked?  And with chopped fresh apples, 
rather than dried fruit?  I answer myself: 
(bottom of the page, in the unlikely case of anyone caring to check).

Poor old muesli - seems a fairly innocent food to have developed such 
a burden of 'meaning'.  At least the dreadful Joanna doesn't serve 
it. I just checked - and noticed that 'porridge' wasn't changed to 
'oatmeal' for the US ed. of _Fire and Hemlock_.  (It's wrt the 
carpet, not breakfast.)


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