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Roslyn rosgross at bigpond.net.au
Fri Jun 10 06:53:27 EDT 2005

> Ania suggested...
>>> Actually, one can scratch a CD without even working at it.  My CD of The
>>> Mission's greatest hits is scratched to hell and back and won't play
>>> properly, and I've *no* idea how it got that way.  Very irritating.
>> It may have something to do with its age. When they taught us about
>> preservation of electronic data on my archives course, I learnt that it 
>> is
>> recommended that data on CDs should be copied onto a new one every 10 
>> years.
>> This is just in case, because nobody knows yet just how long CDs will 
>> last.
> Nice theory, and may well be the case in general.  But I'd only had that 
> particular CD for two or three years when the scratching turned up...and I 
> have older (*much* older, in some cases) CDs which are still fine.  Maybe 
> it was just a duff disc.
>> Mind you, I have some tapes from the mid-80s and they still play.
>> Remarkable.
> So have I!
> Dorian.

I have some from the 70s that still play as well.


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