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Minnow said...

> But they weren't a comfortably-off family at all: they were stony broke 
> all
> the time, and wore hand-me-down dresses and skrimped and saved and took in
> lodgers to meet the household expenses, and in the end they had to sell 
> the
> house because there was no money left at all.

No, sorry, bad phrasing on my part.  What I meant was, in many other books, 
a shilling a week pocket money was a nice amount.  For the Fossils it was 
riches and could only happen when the girls were earning very well, because 
there were so many other things like food and clothes that their earnings 
had to go on.

> When I had to have four teeth removed by the dentist
> when I was nine because there were somehow far too many to fit into my
> mouth, the Tooth Fairy left me 5/- per tooth because for once I had been
> Brave about dentistry,

>From what my mother's told me about her childhood experiences with dentistry 
(and I suspect you are of an age with her), that must have been far more 
bravery than I have ever had to display at the dentist's.  You earned your 
five shillings per tooth!

> and I was staggered by the enormous wealth I
> suddenly possessed.  I remember that I bought a really good penknife for
> 4/6d and then spent about a month wondering what to get with the rest: it
> was too much to spend on sweets, and I didn't have any really important
> yearnings for anything but a good penknife.  (I've still got it.)

What *did* you finally spend the last sixpence on?  Or can you remember?

I'm trying to think what I would have spent a Whole Ten Pounds on (which is 
what my equivalent at that age would have been) when I was 9 or 10. 
Probably books. :-)


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