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Thu Jun 9 14:35:55 EDT 2005

Minnow said...

> I suppose it is possible that one could scratch a CD if one really worked
> at it, and maybe getting them covered in stickiness and dust isn't a very
> good idea, but it isn't the same as the way it was for LPs, certainly.

Actually, one can scratch a CD without even working at it.  My CD of The 
Mission's greatest hits is scratched to hell and back and won't play 
properly, and I've *no* idea how it got that way.  Very irritating.

> It occurred to me yesterday when I was reading *We Didn't Mean To Go To
> Sea*, set in the 1930s, that when Daddy gives out shillings to each child
> because they all sighted land at the same time and he had said "A shilling
> for the first to sight land", this was a lot of money.  We know that from
> context in other Swallows and Amazons books, though: they buy an amazing
> quantity of rope for five shillings, at some point, and I remember being
> quite envious when I read that bit in the late fifties.

IIRC, from reading far too many children's books from that period and 
earlier, a shilling was a week's pocket money for a child in a 
comfortably-off family.  Isn't there a bit in "Ballet Shoes" where, when 
Pauline and Petrova are earning well, each of the girls can have a shilling 
a week pocket money, but later they have to go down to sixpence, which means 
Pauline can't go to the theatre (as audience!) as often as she'd like.


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