Conrad's Fate (at last)

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Mon Jun 6 19:35:16 EDT 2005

deborah.dwj at wrote:

>|There seems to be some faulty editing on P385 of the UK edition, where
>|Gabriel de Witt says that "we returned [the witch's soul] to Seven D,
>|where I am pleased to say they promptly put it in prison", but the next
>|paragraph says "We have, of course, returned the woman's soul to Seven D
>|now, so that she may stand trial in the proper way".  These two are not
>|necessarily inconsistent (though at first sight they appear to be), but
>|I cannot think of any reason why he should repeat the information.
>I have the United States uncorrected proof, and in that version the
>first paragraph says "We found her body... and we returned it to Seven
>D, where I am pleased to say they promptly put it in prison".  So he
>first says her body is in prison, and then says her soul will stand
>trial.  It's still a little bit choppy -- I would expect the "now" in
>the second paragraph to be something like "as well" instead.  But it
>does explain the repetitiveness.
Sorry, you are right - 'it' is 'her body' and not 'her soul', so it does 
make a bit more sense. But I still think it's odd.


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