DWJ sans frontiers

Verity Cinnabar cen at shareable.org
Fri Jun 3 13:29:23 EDT 2005

> I'd forgotten that particular translation discussion, and was mostly 
> thinking of the 'crisp packet' to 'pretzel bag' or the like in 
> _Hexwood_, with respect to DWJ translation issues.  Not to mention 
> the 'translation' of the sexuality of the boys in the wine shop!

"translation" for different levels of affluence? (Pink pound buys
hardback, kids get paperback? ignoring the Library factor...)

Anyway, I nominate the American _Time of the Ghost_ for silliest
translation. When the Ghost is riffling through drawers, she finds
a rubber and writing sticks in the UK edition. Some US editor
replaced "rubber" with another form of writing stick rather than
the "eraser" one would expect from those au fait with the cultural
differences. Did the editor really think "oh no! these girls are
too young to have a prophylactic in the drawer"?


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