In which there's a Firefly, a Scarab, and a possible oddity - all OT

Bettina Bubach liril at
Thu Jun 2 09:24:29 EDT 2005

Concerning the possible odditiy:

I checked with, there seems to be a German translation, called
"The Snake Bracelet" (at least I think it must be the same book from the
summary that is given) and it seems to me the German version wouldn't have a
London setting, as the names Joshie and esp. Jost van Roven don't sound
English - but I'm curios now and will look for it in bookstores.

ObDWJ: Hmmm. I remember discussing the name changes the old translation of
Archer's Goon when I was new to the list. (Most notably Archer=Winston), but
we couldn't figure the reasons out. Maybe there weren't any.



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