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--- Juliette Curtis <juliette at> wrote:

> The servants in Stallery Mansion wear striped brown
> and gold uniforms, 
> like the stripes on a bee. Stallery Mansion could be
> seen as a hive, 
> with huge numbers of workers who labour to support a
> small number of 
> non-workers. Most of the family are drones whose
> only purpose (if you 
> will excuse my crudity) is reproduction ie
> maintaining the family line, 
> and this includes both male and female characters.
> But who is the queen? 
> The butler? He cares only about maintaining the hive
> in its proper 
> condition. The queen bee's only purpose is
> populating the hive, and the 
> butler hires new staff and brings in the swarm of
> actors.....
> AFAIK, bees don't invade each other's hives so the
> incoming actors are 
> not bees, unless you think of them as a reverse
> swarm: coming in to a 
> hive instead of leaving it. Gabrielle de Witt et al
> could be wasps, 
> invading a hive and destroying the bees --
> especially the queen 
> bee/butler -- for their own purposes.
> I'm probably stretching this metaphor too far when I
> try to fit C and C 
> into it. Some types of bees have queens that will
> enter another hive, 
> kill the current queen and take over. C and C are
> instrumental in 
> destroying the old queen but neither of them takes
> over. Instead, the 
> hive/mansion is destroyed. Or could C and C be seen
> as wasps?

I see Conrad as more David Attenborough, although his
initial pupose was a waspish murder. Christopher is
some creature that lives in the hiving making the
other bees think it is a bee too, but with no
intention of harming the hive. I'm sure there are
insects that do this but I can't think of one. Putting
in his motive of rescuing Millie is probably stetching
the metaphor past breaking point.


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