In which there's a Firefly, a Scarab, and a possible oddity - all OT

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at
Wed Jun 1 14:46:16 EDT 2005

The Firefly is the t.v. show, which was 
recommended by several on the list ages ago 
(Melissa in particular maybe?).  It was never 
shown here (Ireland), at least, and when people 
insisted to Sherwood Smith on her blog that she 
*had* to see it, I started checking around for 
DVD price and availability.   $40 seemed to be 
the going price, approximately, and then there'd 
be shipping, so I was very pleased to find the 
boxed set for £12.99 on (Blackstar as 
was) - even with free shipping to UK and Ireland. 
It took some doing to convince a very reluctant 
older daughter to watch the pilot with me, but 
she was immediately hooked, and together we 
convinced the equally reluctant younger one to 
watch, and we're now trying to limit our watching 
to an episode a week to save it.  I'm not a big 
Whedon fan otherwise, but love this. So this is a 
thank you for the long-ago recommendation and a 
source-tip, in case any one else around here is 

_The Scarab_, moving somewhat closer to 
topicality, is the third (and final - thank 
goodness) installment in the Oracle sequence.  It 
was supposed to be published mid-June, but is out 
now, and I'm rejoicing heartily for having a copy 
in all its lavender glory in my hands.  The best 
series covers, among other things...

The possible oddity, for which I could even make 
an ObDWJ, is in the book I'm currently reading, 
_The Dream Merchant_, by Isabel Hoving.  The fact 
that the book was translated from the Dutch is 
buried rather well, and there's no author info on 
back cover or inside cover, so I didn't notice at 
all.  Right at the beginning of the book, the 
main character's address is given as in Kentish 
Town, London, (and he's offered a salary in 
pounds).  When I was a good few chapters in I 
went back and checked that it really was London, 
as it didn't feel at all like an English book, 
nor a London setting, though I didn't even think 
what I meant by that.  It was only today when I 
happened to Google the book that I noticed the 
author was Dutch.   For all the many idiocies 
like changing 'crisps' to 'chips', and pounds to 
dollars and v.v., can the publishers possibly 
have changed the location?   Or am I putting two 
and two together and getting twenty-two, and has 
the Amsterdam-dwelling author chosen to set the 
book in England (not very successfully, IMO) for 
a reason which isn't yet apparent?  Have you read 
it, Irina?  I'm really enjoying it, btw, oddity 
or no.


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