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Diana Wynne Jones says of herself:

When I was a small child, during World War II, I was evacuated to the 
Lake District where I had some experience of Writers. Arthur Ransome 
objected to the smaller children playing on the shore opposite his 
houseboat and came majestically to complain. Beatrix Potter slapped my 
sister for swinging on her gate. And I myself, being short of drawing 
paper, found and rubbed out a stack of drawings by Ruskin. I have never 
known how formative these experiences were. But perhaps this is why I 
like children so much. I can never see a child in trouble of any kind 
without marching in to help. But then I am not a proper Writer. When I 
was at school I never got very good marks for English because they said 
the things I wrote were too peculiar. I once wrote a poem aboutschool 
dinners for the school magazine, graphically describing the 
dreadfulness of them, and got into trouble not only with the English 
mistress but with the Cookery mistress too - who put me in detention 
for insulting food. At this stage, we were living in a village which 
was full of people so extraordinary - several writers and a man who 
went mad at full moon, for instance - that it is no good trying to put 
them in a book. The other drawback to the place was that there were 
almost no books to read. I think the main thing that started me writing 
books was this and I wrote stories to read out to my sisters instead.
We also did numerous other peculiar things, such as haunting the 
churchyard dressed as ghosts, walking on roofs, and sitting outside the 
pub counting the number of times American soldiers came out to be sick. 
But after that I didn't write much, because of being educated, which 
was a disturbing experience.

(to be continued)

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