Christianity in the Chrestoverse

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> > Getting back to Charlie's original point...turning water into wine
> > is probably well within the realms of "ordinary" magic, but I
> > wonder about the loaves and the fishes.  It would surely take
> > impractical amounts of magic to make five loaves and two small
> > fishes feed several hundred people, so that would still seem
> > miraculous to the people of XII A, I think.  And raising people
> > from the dead is surely not something that magicians do on a
> > regular basis?
> Isn't that necromancy, which is surely out of the purview of the
> average magician? (much less Chrestomanci‹surely this is the kind of
> divination he'd be expected to quash.)

Necromancy in XII A is a whole 'nother topic: whatever it is, it
doesn't seem to be what *we* think of as necromancy. There are several
necromancers in CL, and while they're all rather seedy characters at
best (and some turn out to be very unpleasant), they're not actively
shunned by society - and one of them makes his actual living as a
magic tutor, which means people are prepared to leave their children
alone with him. (Another advertises his services with the words
"Necromancy for all occasions", which again points to a definition of
necromancy of which we were not previously aware.)

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