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I'm sorry I don't have time to type it out myself at the moment, but I'd love a copy of the final edition from the typing wizards.


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Hello everyone,
As some of you may recall, I am an archivist. I just started a 6 month part
time cataloguing project at the local record office and I am cataloguing the
Alun Edwards collection. Edwards was the county librarian for a few decades
and had his fingers in many pies- he was a very important figure in the
world of Welsh librarianship, and one of his many initiatives was the
establishment of reading services for children. Tied to that were the annual
Tir na n-Og awards for best books for children, either in Welsh or in
English but set in/connected with Wales. Susan Cooper won twice with Grey
King and Silver on the Tree.

Anyway, I presume that it was in connection with these awards that there
were a couple of items in the collection connected with dwj (she was in a
list of recommended authors on another bit of paper in Edwards' archive).
And these items were:

1. A 'Diana Wynne Jones says of herself' publicity leaflet thingy- 2 pp. of
typescript, with list of her works up to 1985 and awards won to date, sent
by Macmillan
2. A photocopied article from an unidentified magazine of unknown date,
entitled Far Out Fantasy- all about dwj and illustrated with Penguin cover
of Dogsbody, a picture from The Four Grannies, and a very old (though it
probably wasn't then) pic of Herself. Unfortunately, about half of one of
the columns in the article is missing (article is 2 pp. of A4 with 3 columns
per page). It mentions 'her latest book The Time of the Ghost', which came
out in 1981, so that's the approximate date.

Now i cannot type very well, so I'm not prepared to copy all this, but i did
make photocopies which I can scan in highish res and email to those of you
with a fast internet connection. Maybe then someone can either type it out
faster than I could, or run it through an OCR programme and make it
available to everyone. So, who'd like a scan?


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