Christianity in the Chrestoverse

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> Technologically, definitely not Renaissance.  Mario Andretti drives a
> car, right at the beginning, we are told that if we are using a really
> effective spell, whether to grow tomatoes or improve reception on our
> radio (radio?  Didn't even see those in CL!), it's likely to have come
> from Caprona.

I hadn't forgotten about the technology when I spoke about the Rennaisance
feel to Magicians. I always liked that it and Charmed Life had for me,
specific historical resonances, but they also had some technological
advances. Always worked for me, just a side-effect of the whole
world-splitting deal. I think the fact that I never had cause to question
any of this says much for Diana's world-building.

And no-one will EVER convince me that Caprona is anything but Catholic!

Judith (lapsed protestant)

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