Names of Mrs Ur: spoilers for BM/AM

Juliette Curtis juliette at
Sun Jul 24 22:35:46 EDT 2005

I was reading Black Maria/Aunt Maria and noticed that the names of the 
Mrs Urs have appropriate meanings for witches. Zoe Green is the most 
obvious one -- Zoe being Greek for "life" and Zoe being the mother of 
Anthony Green. This got me interested in the names so I looked them up 
on The names are generally positive in meaning, 
although the meaning is often an ironic contrast to the witch's actions. 
Here are the meanings I found:

Hester Bayley: Star. This name is also similar to Vesta, which is the 
name of the Roman goddess of the hearth and means guardian of the sacred 
fire. Bayley could be mean bailiff or castle.
Phyllis Forbes: leafy branch, strong. Possibly love as well?
Ann Haversham: gracious. And there was Miss Haversham from Great 
Expectations who never married.
Zoe Green: life
Elaine: light
Rosa: rose, pink. Not sure how this fits as a witch's name.
Maria: bitter
Corinne Westt: maiden
Adele Taylor: noble, kind
Benita Wallins: blessed
Zenobia bayley: of Zeus. There was also an African warrior queen named 
Lavinia: purity
Naomi: This was given two meanings: "pleasant one" (from Hebrew) and 
"above all" and "beauty" (from Japanese)

And Anthony was defined as priceless and flourishing.....

This is one of the things I love about DWJ's books. There are so many 
layers, meanings, details, clues......


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