Sight restored (was: Christianity in the Chrestoverse)

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On Sat, 23 Jul 2005, Colin Fine wrote:
|Otter Perry wrote:
|> Oliver Sachs did a very interesting piece about having sight restored.
|> Our vision is the result of an unbelievable amount of experience and
|> training, and even interruptions of a few years result in major problems.
|> The chances of anybody actually being able to come up with "men like
|> trees, walking" are exceedingly remote.
|It's one of the things I remember Dan Galouye doing rather well in "Dark
|Universe" - though I now think that they learnt too quickly.
|  The people have no memory and hardly even any folklore about light or
|seeing, so the viewpoint character's struggling to describe his
|experiences are interesting. "The silent screaming" when he first
|encounters light, and later when he does start seeing, his shock and awe
|when he works out that this object he can 'see' is his own hand -
|nothing had ever suggested that one might be able to see one's own body!

Whereas David Stahler's _Truesight_ (a YA from 2003 or 2004, basically a
_giver_-like dystopia with all blind people) has the kid recognising
color much too early on in the process of developing sight.

"A grown man punting a kitten who was looking the other way... It
was the bravest thing I've ever seen."  -- Sluggy Freelance

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