Christianity in the Chrestoverse

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Fri Jul 22 17:47:38 EDT 2005


>>I skimmed a bit over breakfast this morning, and the pen and piano 
>>in the Duke's study both seem to argue against Renaissance 
>>technologically, for all the Shakespearean notes.  And most of the 
>>clothes described are very much not-Renaissance, aren't they?
>(The cover of my copy has a boy and girl in vaguely medieval dress!)

Wonder if yours is the same as Judith's? Have you seen the new 
HarperCollins' ed. cover - very late Victorian.

>>It's definitely another wrinkle to the whole question of how 
>>history is different and/or similar in this world, assuming it is 
>>the same world.
>I'm pretty sure it is.

Yes, that was a '... which I am, as you convinced me earlier of the 
point; always assuming nobody else remembers another detail even more 
convincing later...' assuming. I agree that Chrestomanci taking 
Tonino back to England with him sounds entirely same world.

>>I'm also interested in Judith's original point about the 
>>Catholicism in Magicians. Is there something that makes it seem 
>>specifically Catholic other than the Italian setting?  Angels and 
>>archbishops and cathedrals wouldn't necessarily be Catholic, but 
>>there might be details which were - it's a while since I've read it 
>Hm.  We don't get any detail, really, on the interior of the 
>Cathedral, so we don't know if it has a Lady Chapel, stations of the 
>cross, or confession boxes (which would be give-aways for 
>Catholicism).  I can't recall anyone praying to any saints, either. 
>What about the aunt who cooks, and gets upset when Benvenuto steals 
>the steak?  Does she cry out to the Virgin?  I can't remember, but 
>it seems the sort of thing she might do, and if she does, that would 
>be an argument for Catholicism.

She just threatens hysterics then (Chrestomanci says 'Thank the Lord' 
when she's led away instead of having them though), but does later 
call on both God and the 'mother of God'.   Philip's confession - or 
rather, Philip's memory that the other side are accused of not going 
to confession, convinced me anyway.  I'd have thought myself there'd 
be a bit more of a problem about marrying an English woman, or any 
other non-Catholic, but don't remember anything.


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